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Welcome to Evia Photos! This is me, Eva Garmendia, photographer and owner of Evia Photos. I specialize in portrait and lifestyle photography of your day-to-day and special moments that should not be left forgotten in the past. My style aims at capturing your raw and candid moments in a natural style that represent you as you are. Head to the portraits, couples or weddings portfolios to see a bit more of my work; or to the journal to see full stories of past clients. If you want to learn a bit more about myself to see if we are a match, go here!

Thank you for visiting, hope to hear from you soon!

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Why photography?

The concept that time could be stopped with a single click is what drove me to photography from the start. Frozen time they call it. Later in life I learnt that we cannot only freeze time with photographs but we can also make emotions last forever, creating little pieces that fill our hearts time after time and let us, in fact, travel back in time! This is why I feel blessed when I get to photograph people in their environment, comfortable enough to be totally themselves and I can capture special moments that are so worth remembering. Do you want some of your moments, feelings and emotions to be captured in a raw, natural and candid way? Contact me and let’s make it happen!


"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."

~ Dorothea Lange



Check here what some of the previous clients had to say about their experience

Elif, turkey

"I had a great time being photographed by Eva. She really comforted me in giving poses to the camera and showed me some beautiful places around Stockholm."

Danielle, USA

"My boyfriend and I had a wonderful experience with Eva. She was very professional but also is so fun to chat with. Her photography style aims to catch you in sweet, candid moments and I really liked how the photos turned out. Would recommend her to anyone!"


"Eva is a really talented photographer and wonderful person. She instantly made me feel at ease, and it felt like the camera wasn’t there most of the time. She shows you some of her photos after she’s taken them and even talks you through her techniques and her photographic choices. Her style uses a lot of light and natural, candid poses. My photos turned out wonderfully and now I have some more amazing memories from Stockholm!”

Tasnem, sweden

“We had so much fun on our photo shoot! Eva was great about being in contact leading up to our day and time, and let us know about any adjustments that needed to be made. During the shoot we had a great time with her, and she delivered the beautiful photos so quickly!"

suzanne, holland

“We had a lovely photoshoot. Eva really took the time and made it a very personal experience for us. Her photos are not staged and tell your own unique story. She also knows a lot about the city. Above all, she is very friendly and makes you feel at ease. Highly recommend it!"


"Ah man. Where do I even start? Eva is amazing and I enjoyed my time with her so much. She’s funny, warm and welcoming. Oh and she takes amazing pictures, she’s flexible too. Just tell her what you like and stuff and she will make it happen for you”

Key, singapore

"It was a fun experience, just like walking and talking with a friend who is a professional photographer. The photos were very good."

David, UK

"Eva kindly agreed to capture a special moment for us in Stockholm. Against the stunningly beautiful backdrop of Gamla Stan, Eva photographed the moment that I proposed to my partner. It was a complete surprise for him and one that will now be captured forever in our photos and in our hearts. Eva is kind, thoughtful, patient and importantly an impressive photographer. She has given us some truly beautiful pictures of our special day. Eva was a great communicator in the weeks before the photo shoot and also during the shoot. She knows how to create truly special photos. I highly recommended spending an afternoon with her. It’s a fun, unique and special activity. Above all else Eva is a really lovely individual who genuinely cares that you enjoy your experience in Stockholm."

derek, hongkong

"Eva is a great photographer, she communicates well and makes you feel at ease during the shoot. The photos are great and she captures your essence and encourage you to be yourself and express it from within."

Annelies, belgium

"Eva is a great guide, she makes you feel right at ease and knows all the nice places in the city! it was fun to walk around with her exploring Stockholm! and really nice to be in the picture for a change in stead of taking them myself all the time! (as a fellow photographer I can only recommend her she is charming and professional just as it should ^^) she shows you pictures she took during your walk so you have an idea of what you will receive later."

Carleta, romania

"Eva is an amazing, fascinating being. She knows how to make you relaxed and have fun. Very engaging, creative and she does her best to accomodate your needs and desires. Beautiful experience and nice shots.”